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In recent years, after the Internet has experienced an upsurge of spending money to build the market, it has become increasingly aware that relying solely on the C-side is not enough, and it is necessary to make up for the shortcomings of the B-side as soon as possible. So should product managers choose to transition to the B-side? View details> But there is no pie in the world, so how can anyone have an easy job with less money? However, the more anxious and confused young people are about side jobs.

The easier it is for them to be cut off and fall into the risk-free trap of side jobs.

All in one brain The most taboo thing about side hustle exploration is not doing research in the early stage. If you randomly TG Number List see a money-making post on the Internet, you will jump in as soon as you are interested. Completely ignore the business model, development prospects. Technological impact, policies, whether you are good at it, etc. of the side business. For example, in 2024, when AI is prevalent, if you invest all your energy and money in a design project, this side business direction will most likely end in

Unreasonable Side Business Expectations and Plans Have extremely high and unreasonable expectations for your side hustle.

A common phenomenon is that many people know nothing about a certain side business. And they hope that the side business can bring them a return of 1 million yuan in Turkish Data income soon after they have just started. This is a typical example of having unreasonable expectations and illusions about side hustles and lacking a feasible plan. None of us can make money beyond our own knowledge! Trap Four: Starting an Account When it comes to side business exploration. Many people will mistakenly think that side business is nothing more than self-media. Consulting, micro-business… and the underlying logic of these side businesses involves user acquisition and user transactions


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